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Personal Financial Plan

We show you how to make one

Steps to making your Personal Financial Plan

Step 1 - Get a free or premium RealMoneyPlan template
Step 2 - Start filling in your RealMoneyPlan template
Step 3 - Learn about personal finance and set goals
Step 4 - Update your RealMoneyPlan once a month

RealMoneyPlan Use cases

  • Retirement Plan
  • Single/Married Plan
  • Student Education Plan
  • Mortgage Free Plan
  • Investment Plan
  • Estate Plan
  • Budget Plan
  • Wealth Plan
  • Get Out Of Debt Plan
  • Covid-19 Plan

Whatever your Situation
Take Control of Your Money

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Any Currency

The templates are in english and in dollars, but can be changed to any language and currency. Suitable for anyone.

Family needs a financial plan

Single or Family

Works equally well for singles, married couples, families or common law relationships.

Excel spreadsheet for personal financial planning

Easy Excel Sheets

Uses easy to use and modify Excel spreadsheet templates to suit any personal financial case.

What's inside the RealMoneyPlan

Annual Plan

A One Year Plan spreadsheet template with: Income - Expense - Cash Flow - Assets - Liabilities - Net Worth
RealMoneyPlan Expert CA Edition Annual Financial Plan Pages 1-2
Annual Plan Template

Lifelong Plan

A Multiyear Plan spreadsheet template with: Income - Expense - Cash Flow - Savings and Investments - Net Worth - Present Value
RealMoneyPlan Expert CA Edition Lifelong Financial Plan Pages 1-2
Lifelong Plan Template

Tools to help you Make your plan

The RealMoneyPlan template comes with a realistic example of a complete Annual Plan and Lifelong Plan set.

The RealMoneyPlan template comes with a User Guide document (PDF file).  The User Guide is also provided online.

The RealMoneyPlan template comes with reference information tabs with Federal and Provincial tax tables and other useful details.

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Start with A Simple Budget and Net Worth

The whole idea of making a personal financial plan my seem a bit daunting. Well it really isn’t. Start with making a simple One Year Budget with Income, Expense and Cash Flow.


Manage Your Expenses And Make A Plan

Managing your expenses means understanding what you spend your money on, making wise spending decisions and maintaining a balance called “Living within your means”.

It's Your Money - It's Your Life - It's Your Move

You need a RealMoneyPlan