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The RealMoneyPlan Personal Financial Plan for Experts template enables you to make your own detailed Personal Financial Plan including Income, Expense, Savings, Investments, Taxes, Cash Flow, Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth.

The Expert Edition is suitable for anyone that want the most realism, capability, flexibility and accuracy for their individual personal finances.  The trade-off is that it is not quite as easy to use as the editions for singles and families.

RealMoneyPlan is an Excel spreadsheet based template set and includes everything you need including an Annual Plan, a Lifelong Plan, Example Plans, Reference Information and a comprehensive User Guide.


What is the RealMoneyPlan Personal Financial Plan for Experts?

RealMoneyPlan Personal Financial Plan for Experts is the most advanced edition of the RealMoneyPlan Personal Financial Plan templates. It provides a more detailed and accurate financial plan but is not as easy to use as the other editions. It is suitable for those that want more flexibility and have a good understanding of finances and taxes or have a desire to learn. It includes options for detailed tax calculations for different types of income including interest, dividends and capital gains.

RealMoneyPlan Expert Edition includes an Annual Plan and a Lifelong Plan which are linked and may be used together or separately.

  • Annual Plan – a detailed 9 page spreadsheet template that gives you a clear view of your annual income, expense, investments and cash flow, as well as your change in assets, liabilities and net worth. Summary graphs enable you to see at a glance your cash flow and net worth for the year.
  • Lifelong Plan – a detailed 16 page spreadsheet template that gives you a line per year view of your income, expense, taxes, savings, investments, cash flow, assets, liabilities and net worth. Net worth and cash flow summary graphs enable you to see your financial goals taking shape over time and to easily compare the long term impact of different financial decisions.

Included are two full plan sets, one which is a a fully completed realistic example for your reference, and one which is blank and ready for you to start preparing your own personalized plan.

How do I make my Personalized Plan?

The RealMoneyPlan Personal Financial Plan templates are easy to use by just following the guidance of the RealMoneyPlan User Guides.

The templates are also very easily modified to your individual needs. That is part of the power of the RealMoneyPlan template approach.

What is included in my Download?

Your download includes:

  • RealMoneyPlan Expert Edition Template – a spreadsheet file (.xlsx) which includes the Annual Plan and Lifelong Plan sets (an example set for reference and a blank set for you to use),
  • RealMoneyPlan Expert Edition User Guide – a document file (.pdf) which provides step-by-step guidance for preparing your plan.

How do I get the Files?

Obtain your copy of RealMoneyPlan by clicking on the Add To Basket button above, checking out and completing your payment. Immediately following your payment you will receive an email from RealMoneyPlan with your order details and a download link. You may also login to your account and download the file from there – if you made an account during checkout or if you make an account afterwards using the same email address.

Click on the link to download the zip file to your computer. Find the zip file on your computer (usually in your Downloads folder) and extract the files to a folder. Then open the Excel spreadsheet file with Microsoft Excel. Open the User Guide with Adobe Reader or any browser like Chrome or Firefox. Before doing anything else make a copy of the Excel spreadsheet file for backup.


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    Best personal finance spreadsheet template and includes everything needed including tax handling.

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