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Investment Return and Risk

Generally investments with greater potential returns will have greater potential risk associated with them.  The risk however is reduced for investments are held for a long time.  That is why short term investments should be held in low risk accounts while investments intended to be held for a long time can/should be considered for higher risk and return holdings  The following shows how different types of investments compare from a risk and return perspective over a period of at least 5 years.  What is right for you depends on your timeframe and your ability to stomach risk.

Investment TypeTypical ReturnReturn RangeRisk
Interest3%1% to 4%Zero
Bonds3%2% to 5%Low
Bond Mutual Funds4%0% to 6%Low
Balanced Mutual Funds6%0% to 10%Medium
Equity Mutual Funds7%-4% to 12%Med/High
Exchange Traded Funds8%-5% to 15%Med/High
Dividend Stocks8%-8% to 20%Med/High
Growth Stocks9%-15% to 25%High